What our clients are saying


"I was able to close an off-market transaction with Bob and Josh on a 10 unit building I had owned in Mt Lookout for over 20 years. SPS was creative and thoughtful in their approach to the deal offering a fair price and quick closing. Also a financing structure where I provided some financing that allowed me to capture some interest income and break up my capital gain into more than one tax year."

- Tom N

"In the spring of 2016, my wife and I sold a 5-unit apartment building to Bob Gurr and Josh Slonim, partners in Sunset Property Solutions, LLC. We had owned and operated this property in the Hyde Park-Oakley area for many, many years.

Bob and Josh were professional and courteous in all aspects of this sale, from the initial contact, through the showing, contract negotiations, appraisal and closing. It was a pleasure to sell our building to individuals who understood and valued our experience with the building, as well as our genuine attachment to and pride in the property."

- John K

"I recently sold my 5+ unit apartment building to Bob and Josh and the team of Sunset Property Solutions. I live out of state, and SPS handled the entire sale from start to finish.

I was offered an extremely fair price and I was treated with the utmost respect throughout the entire process. Sunset Property Solutions delivered as promised on our deal, and I would rate my experience 10/10 in working with SPS. They are honest investors who treat their clients with integrity and compassion.

I would highly recommend working with Sunset Property Solutions to anyone considering selling their apartment in the Cincinnati area."

- Roger W.

"Josh and Bob were a pleasure to work with. They answered all my questions in a timely manner and did everything in their power to keep me in the loop as things progressed. It didn’t feel like selling an apartment, but rather getting to know two exceptional up and coming business men as an apartment traded hands. I highly recommend the Sunset Properties team."

- Cody P.

"I met with Bob, Josh, and the Sunset Properties team multiple times at my property in Oakley after I had inherited it. The property had been in the family a very long time, and I had took great pride in the home. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my meetings with Bob and Josh because they educated me on the home’s value, how the transaction would occur, and made me an extremely fair offer!

Even after they purchased the home, Bob and Josh have stayed in contact with me and have returned a few of my family belongings they found in the basement! I would highly recommend anyone to work with Sunset Property Solutions and their team because they do things the RIGHT WAY!"

- Matt M.


"Sunset Property Solutions is a great company. They have been our rental property for about 7 months now. The company takes great care of their properties and are always very responsive when it comes to returning emails, phone calls or maintenance requests. I highly recommend looking at their rental properties when considering places to live. Their properties have great locations, especially for young professionals such as Oakley, Hyde Park, etc. After going to UC and living in Clifton, it is great to have landlords who provide and maintain quality housing."

- Amelia H

"I was worried when the previous owners sold our building (Oakley/Hyde Park area) to Sunset Property Solutions. But I have been extremely satisfied with the new ownership. Our building continues to be clean, quiet, and well-maintained. I recently had an issue with my toilet plumbing and SPS had a brand new toilet installed immediately. I have also noticed that general building issues are handled rather quickly and professionally. For me to have a pleasant apartment living experience, I need both good neighbors and conscientious owners. Pretty lucky to have both right now."

- Debra L

"Thank you Josh and Bob for being such fantastic landlords! Both myself and my two roommates had a wonderful experience in the home we rented from you. Any requests and needs were immediately addressed. You have been so helpful and accommodating. Thank you!"

- Katie M.

"Huge thank you to Josh for being an incredible landlord! I am greatly appreciative of your attentiveness and immediate action to all of my requests I have had since my lease began in October! Thank you!"

- Katie W.

"Josh and Bob of SPS have been great landlords - keeping the property in fine shape, and responding to any concerns promptly. Would highly recommend."

- Chris D.