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Sunset Property Solutions and their acquisition team are always interested in partnering with investors. SPS offers investors a variety of ways to partner in our Real Estate Holdings.

Below are some products Sunset Property Solutions offers its investors:

Fixed-rate of return - interest-only payments at a fixed rate with a set term. Principal is paid out in a balloon payment according to terms of the contract. Terms can range from six months all the way up to five years in length depending on the needs of the project.

Equity partnership - investor provides capital to acquire an ownership interest in a property.

Profit-sharing partnership - investor funds the project (purchase, rehab, taxes, insurance, etc.) and SPS manages it from start to finish. Profit is split according to agreed upon terms.

Flat fee - investor lends money for set period of time (usually a very short duration) in return for their principal and a flat fee.

Blend of options above - there are many ways to structure deals. Each project has different needs and the optimal financing strategy depends on these needs.

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